Safe Distance Pay - preparing businesses for re-opening
Reinventing payments to achieve physical distance compliance
Germ-free payments are a social imperative

Safe Distance Payments are fast and germ-free

With Safe Distance Pay, payments are quickly completed on the customer’s mobile phone. No germs are transferred via credit cards, payment terminals, or tablets.

How it works for everyone, now

Safe Distance Payments work alongside any POS and could run in your location tomorrow.
Contactless payments
Safe Distance Payments
NO passed cards
NO shared devices

Safe Distance Pay at Counter

Instant safe distance payments for retail, restaurant and service businesses. Operationalize mobile payments for retail now.

Safe Distance Pay via Text Link

Get remote payments now. Take orders any way you want (including call-in or email). Then send a text link and see payment confirmed before providing safe-distance pickup.
Cheaper, safer and easier than reading cards over the phone.

Stop reading cards over the phone now →

Safe Distance Curb-side Payments

Safe-distance curb side payment and pickup.
Scan to instantly pay from car.

Safe Distance Pay at Drive Thru

Good for: Existing drive thru QSR like coffee chains, burger, sandwich, chicken, pharmacies and retail. Make drive thru payments safe for staff and customers.

Complete the registration and be ready in about 24hrs

$15 per month fee waived during crisis
No signup costs or hidden fees
Cancel anytime.
No long term contract.
End-to-end encrypted payments
Next-business-day transfers

What’s it like to use Safe Distance Payments?

Click on the green "Create Bill" button right now!
Then follow instructions to scan and tap with your phone.
This is a demo only and you will not actually be charged.
It seems you are on a mobile phone.
This demo works best on a PC.
Or, press the blue button to copy the SMS text below.
Get SMS Text


Scan QR with the native camera and pay with Apple Pay. No App. No Login.


Use QR scanner App or native camera with QR scanning available. Pay with Google Pay. No App. No Login

TouchpointPay App?

Get the Touchpoint Pay App for an enhanced consumer experience. Pay with Apple pay or Google Pay. No login necessary.

Download now:
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