The highest digital engagement in the industry.

We meet customers at every touchpoint

First In Class Loyalty, Payments, Order Management
(Enterprise POS, Online Ordering, Kiosk, Delivery, Kitchen Management) and more

99.95% in store uptime SLA

Over 1,000,000 guests served each week

More than $1B processed. All served via non-counter channels.

We sweat the details at every customer touchpoint

To deliver the best guest experiences and highest digital engagement in the industry.
Everywhere Commerce and POS
Marketing CRM and Loyalty
Order management, Kitchen Displays, and DoorDash
Safe Customer Experience and Payments

About us

We are e-commerce and high technology pioneers with a track record of success, a portfolio of intellectual property and a proven platform to remake commerce for the challenges and opportunities of this new COVID-19 world and beyond.

We believe that hospitality is about more than food or service; hospitality is about connection, and relationships with guests.  

Retail commerce isn't about buying and selling, it's about relationships with customers and providing the ease, value, and accessibility they desire.

After years of building technology to improve brand performance and increase sales through better connections with customers, and after having served hundreds of millions of customers, we're happy to declare that the way people shop and order and transact is on the cusp of a revolution.   A revolution where Customer Experience (CX) such as knowing who a customer is and what they're likely to want come together with speed and accuracy of service, safe distance payments, and intuitive UI on a high performance, reliable platform that has unprecedented data capabilities. A revolution where, finally, brands large and small can move away from legacy architectures that chronically under deliver.

Touchpoint was born out of our desire to increase the brand's connection with the customer-- whether they’re seated at a high-end table service restaurant or whizzing though a drive thru.  Now we are adding the ability to transact at safe distances regardless of the setting. We believe our technology should augment the essential qualities your staff already possess.  Touchpoint amplifies the already great culture of service you deliver day in and day out.  

We saw that the technology of POS companies was hopelessly ill-suited for the modern world. It was never designed to interface with external services or mobile phones, which is why legacy integrations tend to be limited, and unreliable. With data siloed, trying to connect or extend or use that data or bring in new channels ends up being a "spaghetti" mess that is barely functional and rarely even meets expectations. Everyone is used to broken promises and hearing "no-that can't work", but brands and operators have very few options just have to accept what's available. Almost every operator and employee can relate to legacy POS experiences as having caused so much trauma that they could be said to suffer from a "POS PTSD".

As a result, they are boxed in to small thinking. Online and mobile become onerous projects instead of exciting opportunities. New payment experiences that customers might desperately want are back-burnered because of legacy IT issues. Innovation is stifled because the largest players in the space are among the least innovative and don't have a true platform with best-in-class customer experience.

Our background innovating in online commerce and enterprise networking allowed us to built our technology platform from the inside out. is first a data and communication powerhouse, able to put the right data on the right screen across thousands of stores and millions of customer devices, and deliver the experiences customers crave and overcome traditional boundaries.

We're proud of our 99.95% in store uptime SLA's and support issues that are 10X less frequent than industry norms. Our focus on customer experience and our capabilities around guest recognition, personalization and creating seamless experiences are second to none.

But as much as we love making technology, it’s our passion and values that drive us to improve every day, and we believe we can make a difference, together with you.  

It’s about time.