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Safe Distance Pay
10-Minute Training Guide

The first zero contact payment solution that can be deployed with every Point of Sale for retail, drive thru, curbside and pickup. Customers can scan a QR code to pay or merchants can send a ‘pay link’ via build-in SMS.

Table of Content

1. Downloading the Safe Distance App

just visit on your iPad and get setup

2. Login with your account

Use your mobile number to login. Use the same mobile number that you entered when you registered for Safe Distance Pay.

1. Enter your mobile number and tap start now
2. Enter 4 digit code received via SMS
3. Choose location and employee
4. Your store is ready

3. Configure your App

Whenever you need to access the Settings Menu, tap on the Hamburger Menu Icon in the upper left corner. Menu includes:
- Order History,
- Reports
- Manager Settings
- Support
- Connection Status

3.1 Manager Settings login

To Configure your Safe Distance Pay app, tap on Manager Settings. To access the Manager Settings you need to enter your employee PIN. If you forget your PIN just tap on the “SMS PIN” button, enter your registered mobile number and a PIN reminder will be sent to you.

Manager PIN-In with "SMS PIN" in case of forgotten PIN

3.2 Bill configuration

Decide how you would like to set-up your Safe Distance Pay (SDP) bills. You only need to do this once.

3.2.1 Require Ticket

Check this if a ticket number must be added when you create an SDP bill. An SDP bill will not be created until a ticket number is added.

3.2.2 Require Server

Check this is a Server must login each time an SDP bill is created.

3.2.3 Optional ticket number

Check this if you want to display the ticket number field but will allow SDP bills to be created without a ticket number

3.2.4 Add convenience fee

A small convenience fee is charged to provide Safe Distance Pay. Checking this box adds the convenience fee to the bill. When deselected, the convenience fee is billed to the merchant. During the crisis the convenience fee is waived.

3.2.5 Display gratuity

Check this if you want to give customers the ability to add gratuity when paying their bill via SDP

3.2.6 Optional tipping explanation

Add any text you would like to display beneath the suggested tip percentages.

Bill Configuration: required fields and optional text
Customer view of pay screen with tips and Tipping Explanation text

3.3 Tip suggestions

Configure this ONLY if you collect tips and you selected Display Option to Add Gratuity (3.2.5).
When you display the option to add gratuity, four suggested tip amounts display in the SDP bill. Customers can easily select one of these options or edit the tip amount to any other value.
Enter the four suggested tip amounts and click save. For example, if you would like the suggested tip amounts to be 16%, 18%, 20%, 22% and you want the default tip amount to be 18% then you should configure Tip Suggestions like this.
Remember to click the “save” button to save your tip configuration values.

Configuring gratuity and default (selected) gratuity for customers

4. Using the App

Now that you’ve configured your SDP app it’s time to start using it!
In this example you are using the SDP app in Demo mode. We recommend you do this to learn what it’s like to create SDP bills.
Remember, when you are in Demo mode NO REAL PAYMENTS ARE made. It looks and feels real, but the credit card used to make payment will NOT be charged.
So feel free to try it out and see how it feels to be a customer using SDP to safely make a zero contact payment with a QR code or by tapping on a pay link.

4.1 Create a bill

The simplest SDP bill only requires a bill amount and tap Create Bill. Depending on the Bill Configuration you set-up, an SDP bill may also require:Ticket Number or that the server login before entering a bill. You also have the option to add:NamePhone number — this will SMS the bill directly to the customer so they simply tap on the pay link and pay the bill before they arrive to pick-up their order or before delivery has been made.

Bill create screen

4.2 Present the QR Code to the customer

After tapping Create Bill the QR code appears for your customer to scan and pay at a safe distance. This is a 100% zero contact payment solution, no screens, stylus, payment terminal or buttons to disinfect after each use, as is required by many county ordinances.

QR Pay Screen

4.3 Or send an SMS pay link

After tapping Create Bill the QR code appears for your customer to scan and pay at a safe distance. This is a 100% zero contact payment solution, no screens, stylus, payment terminal or buttons to disinfect after each use, as is required by many county ordinances.

Bill Create: Add a mobile number to send bill as SMS Pay Link

4.3 Complete the bill

The SDP app shows when a customer has paid their bill. On the QR code page you will see the “Paid at a Safe Distance” message.

On the bill entry page you will see a “Paid in Full” message when the bill is paid.If you need to see the bill payment details (like taking a look at the gratuity the customer added) simply tap on “Details” to see the full payment details.To clear the paid bill off the screen simply tap “Complete” - and if you need to pull up the bill again you can always find it in the Order History.

View after tapping bill.  Press the ^ to collapse, or Complete to disappear
View after tapping on “Details” to see the full payment details.

5. Advanced settings

In Menu Settings you will find additional features that may be useful in managing Safe Distance Pay. Learn how to add employees, turn on email reports and refund via order history.

Tap here to go to the Advanced settings →