Cards and terminals must be disinfected at each use

COVID-19 can live on plastic for up to 3 days

At least 7 counties in California now mandate that shared payment terminal be disinfected after every use.

With Safe Distance Pay, payments are completed on the customer’s mobile phone, so no germs are transferred via credit cards, payment terminals, or tablets. Keep employees and customers safe as you adapt your business or prepare to re-open.

Let's help stop transmission of COVID-19 every way we can

We must change the way we pay to protect our staff, neighbors, and the communities we love.

Credit Cards carry germs

Are we perfectly disinfecting every credit card at each use, forever? Because one card with germs can be passed to cashiers, and those germs then can be passed on to subsequent customers impacting dozens or hundreds of people each day.  In the age of COVID19 this is no longer an acceptable risk.

Shared payment terminals - too close and carry germs

Electronic devices shared by customers - either by touching the device, tapping OK, entering a PIN, or signing - bring customers too close to cashiers and can be germ transmission vectors. Businesses need a new way to pay to meet social distance mandates.

EMV card dip terminals - too close and
carry germs

Signature screens - too close and
carry germs

Kiosks carry germs

What’s it like to use Safe Distance Payments?

Click on the green "Create Bill" button right now!
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Scan QR with the native camera and pay with Apple Pay. No App. No Login.


Use QR scanner App or native camera with QR scanning available. Pay with Google Pay. No App. No Login

TouchpointPay App?

Get the Touchpoint Pay App for an enhanced consumer experience. Pay with Apple pay or Google Pay. No login necessary.

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